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On September 29, 2017, a team of 18 members consisting of doctors, nurses, and support staff embarked on its journey to Chitwan Hospital Medical College, nestled in the village of Bharatpur, Nepal.

Team Members

Dr. Ken Arthur (Plastics), Dr. Mamata Bharucha (OB/GYN), Jessica Crane, CST/CSFA, Dr. Bret Delone (Surgeon), Carol Donahue, RN, Risë Enoch, Staff Support, Sophia Kit Ling Ho, RN, Sue Miller, CRNA, Dr. Mukul Parikh, Anesthesia) Dr. Neelima Parikh, (Anesthesia) Dr. Bipin Patel (Surgeon), Dr. Uma Parekh (OB/GYN, KD Patel, Support Staff, Cheryl Peck, Support Staff, Dr. Jeff Segil (OB/GYN) ,Pratima Patel, Support Staff, Syed Yaqeen (Photographer), and Dr. Andrea Zaw (Surgeon).

After a 19-hour flight, the team arrived safely in Kathmandu. The following day the group rested and visited some of the historic sights of the area. On September 30, 2017, the group embarked on its final journey to Bharatpur, Nepal. After arriving and getting settled in the hotel, the group made its way to the hospital to unpack the medical supplies, and prepare for the start of the mission. On October 1, 2017 the mission began with meeting the staff from the hospital

On the morning of October 4, 2017, Dr. DeLone delivered a presentation to the students on trauma techniques used by doctors and nurses in the United States. Later that day, staff visited the Chitwan Medical College and talked with their staff to discuss how the college worked. The group also met some of students and was given a tour of the facility.


6×6 solid Adnexal Mass Lt Ovarian Cyst Stress Urinary Incontinence
Cholilithiasis Pelvic Pain, Prolapse Ulcer, Left Foot
Cyst on Dorsum Right Forearm Pregnancy @39 weeks with Placenta Previa Uterine Prolapse
Cyst Scalp, Left Side Pregnancy, Breech Presentation
Cystocele and Stress Incontinence Pregnancy, Dandy Walker Syndrome
Electrical Injury Bilateral Hands Recurrent Appendicitis
Incisional Seroma Repeat C-Section
Left Direct Inguinal Hernia Scar of Left Fourth Toe
Left Knee O-S Plasty Sebacious Cyst Left Cheek
Left Ovarian Mass Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Penis

A total of 26 cases were completed which included births, hysterectomies, and hernias. Our medical team, including Dr. Arthur, Dr. Neelima Parikh, Sue Miller, and Carol Donahue, performed lengthy surgery on a patient with severe electrical burns. The patient’s right hand could not be salvaged; however, due to the skills of Dr. Arthur and the resident Plastic surgeon at the hospital, the patient’s left hand was able to be repaired and three of his fingers were saved and amputation was avoided. There was another patient who suffered from cancer of the penis. This was a very lengthy procedure, lasting over 10 hours.
Again, our Dr. Arthur, Drs. Mukul and Neelima Parikh, Sue Miller, CRNA, and Carol Donahue, RN, participated with this case to give this person a better look on life.

The week flew by with the team gathering for breakfast about 7:00 am each morning and then swiftly going to the hospital to begin the day. At the beginning of each day at the hospital, a staff meeting was held to prepare for the day’s cases. As always with each mission, the group worked together as a team to deliver the best medical services possible.

Our hotel accommodations were excellent and the staff bent over backwards to make our stay delightful.

While in Nepal, the group had the opportunity to visit some of the wonderful sites such as Bagmati (this is where public cremations are held) and the Buddhist Thangka Art School. Other villages included Boudhanath, Lumbini, and the Chitwan National Park. The group also took a plane ride around Mt. Everest and captured some beautiful photographs.

We also need to give thanks and recognition to Syed Yaqeen, our photographer. Syed captured photos to represent the culture and lives of many of the people of Nepal. It is inspiring to see their welcoming faces and know they are happy to see doctors and nurses from the United States.

While the team may not return to Nepal in the near future, there are many other places and people to help and we welcome the opportunity visit and provide much needed services.


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