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A Little Bit about Our Location
The team is staying at the Guest House at the Manilaxmi Tirth. The Manilaxmi Tirth is a Jain religious temple situated in a small village just outside of Khambhat. Gujarat State has a major population of Jain Religious and Jain Tirth and Temples. The Manilaxmi Jain Tirth is a newly constructed (2017) and expands up to 31,000 square feet of Land. The magnificent temple is colored with bright and vibrant colors and is built by using pure white marble.
The Guest House is on property with the main temple and is 5 stories high with ornate decoration on the exterior. The team is bunked in with 2 persons per room and feels comfortable and safe! Once inside a guest room, one is met with very austere surroundings. Guests must bring their own linens (blankets and towels) as well as toilet paper. The view of the temple at night illuminate with color lights is spectacular.
In case you are unfamiliar with Jainism:
The three guiding principles of Jainism, the ‘three jewels’, are right belief, right knowledge and right conduct. The supreme principle of Jain living is nonviolence (ahimsa).
Strict Jains don’t eat root vegetables such as potatoes, onions, roots and tubers, because such root vegetables are considered ananthka, meaning one body, but containing infinite lives. In addition to not eating meat, Jains cannot eat eggs, gelatin, or even anything that grows underground. That includes potatoes, onions, and garlic! These are typical foods used in every day cooking in most households, but for Jains, it is not allowed in the house.
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