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A new day dawns and the team is making a strong come back! Thanks to rest, IV fluids, well wishes and prayers, our fallen team members are stronger and everyone was able to come to the hospital to work today! Much discussion was had about the cause of this malady and the current thought is that it is an intestinal protozoan infection. This is most likely a food-bourne illness because so many became ill. The entire team will most likely start a course of oral Flagyl (an antibiotic) to treat the potential for infection.

Monday was an exemplary display of team work by the Operation Medical volunteers and hospital staff. In spite the fact that about half of our team was unable to work due to illness, we were able to complete over 21 cases. Once again, we performed a number of different types of procedures on patients from 2 to 76 years of age. Today’s case load was at 22 on last count, and we anticipate the ability to complete all of the surgeries scheduled for today. For our readers interested, we will publish a complete summary of cases at the conclusion of the surgery camp.

Our entire team sends their love back to family and friends and very Happy Birthday wishes to Po, whose mom is with us on her 12th birthday today! We want our readers to know how much we appreciate them following our journey here and on FaceBook.

Check back tomorrow for More updates and photos.


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