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In multiple households accross south central Pa, Michigan and Washington state, 33 volunteers are making those last minute preparations and checking their to-do lists. Did I cancel the Sunday paper? Do I have plenty of pet foood for the pet sitter? Where in the heck did I put my passport? Camera, check, ticket, check, medical supplies check. It goes on and on. This is one of those trips that you better take it with you, because the chance is high that you cannot buy it when you get there.

The majority of the group will depart from Harrisburg around 3pm for Dulles Washington Airport and leave at 9pm for Mumbai. A smaller group, we call ourselves the Delta Force of 5 are leaving Lancaster at 11am headed in the same direction at 6pm out of Washington Dulles. We will meet up with old and new friends along the journey at layovers and once we arrive at our final destination.

Once in Mumbai we will travel by road to the RedRock Inn in Daman, India. No one is for sure whether this is a 3 or 6 hour road trip, but our hosts are there waiting for us and with KD Patel and Kiran Patel on the ground in India making preparations, we know we have nothing to worry about.

I hope our readers will check in and post comments back to us. The team loves to hear from folks back home, so keep the comments coming and also check our facebook page. Please check back for more updates during our travel and during our surgical camp.


Cheryl Peck


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