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We are nearing the end of the surgical camp and still going strong.  The staff at Kasturba under the watchful eye of their fantastic administrator, Paritosh Joshi, continues to work so hard and we are thrilled with their level of care and knowledge.  The OR techs anticipated the needs of the surgeons as though they had been working together for years. Despite the language barriers, surgeries and aftercare proceed smoothly as we work to finish as many cases and help as many patients as possible before our departure.

The team once again gave it their all and completed 39 cases today. Some of the procedures were lipoma removals, more hernias, several hysterectomies, another tympanoplasty, thyroidectomy, six hydroceles, a nasal septoplasty, an open myomectomy, burn scar revisions and many more. We are always astounded at the number of burn scars disabling patients from neck movement, use of their arms and hands and legs. So much of the population relies on fires made from gathered sticks to cook their food and for heat in the chilly evenings. Children get to close, and then often have to live a lifetime with disabling injury.

Unfortunately, we are already looking ahead to tomorrow and the end of our work here and are beginning to assess our remaining supplies and equipment. We will decide what will be returned home to the US for future mission efforts and what will be left for the local staff to utilize.

We were blessed again with the hospitality of one of our sponsors for a light after work snack at the home of The Desai Family – Arjunbhai, Apurva, and  Hetal. We were very grateful for their warm welcome and even celebrated Dr. Shapiro and Barb Mummert’s birthday with a cake for each of them.

It should be noted that we have had some special events occur in the past two days amongst our team members. Yesterday was the birthday of Julie Sofer (our website homepage “face behind the mask”!) and Carol Donohue, both of whom turned 25 – again! And today, both Andy Shapiro and Barb Mummert celebrated birthdays. We appreciate the willingness of these ladies and gentleman to spend this special day away from home and family. Thank you and Happy Birthday from your OpMed family!


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