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Baker Henson, DO, a Central Pennsylvania physician, has a strong passion for medical volunteer work in underdeveloped countries. He has been named the recipient of the 2016 Pennsylvania Medical Society’s Physician Award for International Voluntary Service.

Dr. Henson, nominated by Leonardo Geraci MD, is a resident at PinnacleHealth in Harrisburg. Amazingly, while in college he started World Camp, a non-profit to provide HIV and other health education in Malawi, Africa. Responsible for a continuous rotation of students and volunteers, Dr. Henson maintained a high level of involvement despite medical school and residency.

As if he didn’t already have enough to do, Dr. Henson courageously began collaborating with Dr. Mukul Parikh and his Operation Medical-Global Health Care non-profit organization that globally serves the medical and surgical needs of underserved people. Dr. Mukul was the 2014 recipient of PAMED’s International Volunteer Award. With Operation Medical, Dr. Henson serves as an Advisory Board member and has participated in its surgical mission trips.

But that’s not the end of Dr. Henson’s story. As he prepares to complete his surgical residency, Dr. Henson decided to start Access Health Africa, a non-profit that will focus on mission work in Malawi and other African communities.

Dr. Henson will formally be presented the award at the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s annual meeting in Hershey on October 22.


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