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On October 12, 2018 a team of 23 volunteers lead by Dr. Scott Barnes, will be starting their journey to Hospital Pierre Payen, in Montrouis, Haiti for a two-week medical/surgical camp. This will be Operation Medical’s FIFTH trip to Hospital Pierre Payen. Our team of surgeons, anesthesiologist, nurses and ancillary personnel from California, New York, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York and Pennsylvania accommodate their own airfare and volunteer their time to provide medical services that change the lives of their patients.

This trip will also be a first for the team. Since May of 2018, the Breast Cancer Clinic at Hospital Pierre Payen has seen 10 patients in our Tamoxifen study and five are currently receiving therapy. The team is looking forward to being able to see more breast cancer patients and to prepare them for the Tamoxifen study.

In Haiti, most women still think there is nothing that can be done for breast cancer. The team at the Breast Cancer Clinic are working diligently to encourage women to visit the Clinic and sign up to be seen by the team during the 2-week period.


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