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The schedule for Wednesday included 14 cases: hernias, below the knee amputation, numerous breast mass tumors and goiter removal.

The recovery room is a very interesting place in the Hospital. Patients are brought into the recovery room and 2 nurses monitor their pulse and oxygenation. There are no monitors for EKG and blood pressure and there is only one oxygen machine; in the United States there would be 1 oxygen machine per bed. When the patients wake up they are taken to the wards. For the pediatric cases, the nurses wake up the babies after 15 minutes and they are taken to the ward.

The Emergency Room staff saw 28 cases that included: insertion of 2 chest tubes in auto accident patients, head mass removal, finger abscess, repair of laceration on a patient’s leg and treatment of 2 children with 3rd degree burns. It has been observed that 90% of the children seen in the Emergency Room are burn victims and receive no pain medicine when the injury is cleaned. The children are very brave.


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