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The day started off with Dr. Bipin Patel and Diana Klescewski, RN leaving for the hospital around 9:00 am to determine if there were any cases they could assist with prior to the official start of the mission on Monday, October 6, 2014. When they arrived at the hospital they met with the surgery resident and the emergency room nurse to assist with urgent care procedures. During the day some of the procedures they assisted with included laceration repairs to the hand, forearm and scalp; fracture of the toe; skull facture; and six week old with mastitis abscess. After they evaluated surgical cases in the emergency room they assisted in the operating room where Dr. Bipin Patel performed surgery for bowel perforation, large ovarian mass removal, and bed side tracheostomy in the ICU. Dr. Bipin Patel also consulted on a pediatric prolapsed colostomy as well as a child who swallowed a coin that was lodged in the food pipe.

The Operation Medical team arrived in the afternoon and after a brief rest began organizing, assembling and packing supplies that will be needed on Monday. The team, even though they were very tired, were motivated to begin the mission work.


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