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On January 15, 2015 Operation Medical will be taking a team to Lions Hospital located in Mehsana in the State of Gujarat, India. Lions Hospital is a 250 bed hospital and has many departments including dental, arthroscopy, orthopedic, urology and cath lab. They have 4 operating rooms and an eye room with a PHACO machine. At this time, Dr. Mukul Parikh plans to take a team of surgeons including general, plastics, ENT, gynecology, urology, ophthalmology and pediatric and hopes to provide services to over 200 patients during the 6 clinical days.

Mehsana Charitable Trust Foundation is very active in the field of medical services and opened Lions Hospital in 1978. The Foundation has the pillar motto of “service, love and dedication”.

Mehsana is one of 33 districts of Gujarat State in western India and is the largest district in Gujarat. The District has a population of over 2 million people and an area of over 4,500 km. There are 600 villages in the district. It has one of the highest milk collections in the country of India and is famous for local Mehsani Buffalo and Madhvi dairy products. Its major trading crop is oilseeds, jira (cumin), isabgul (psylium) and anise. Mehsana is also the largest on-shore oil producing asset of ONGC in India. There are 9 engineering colleges and over 5 pharmacy colleges in the District.

Watch for future blogs to find out who is going to be joining the team!


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