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On October 17, 2014 18 people willl be leaving the United States to participate in our Haiti mission.  The team will be returning to Pierre Payan Hospital which is located just north of the busy market town of Montrouis, which is about 2 hours north of the capital city of Port au Prince. Pierre Payan Hospital has one major operating room, one minor operation room and a delivery suite.  There are about 30 – 40 inpatient beds and a very nice Haitian nursing staff with whom our nurses work.   The mission is schedule for two weeks ending November 1, 2014.

This year our team is being lead by Dr. Jeffrey Segil from New Hampshire and Kenneth Goodhart, CRNA from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Jeff has brought together 7 volunteers from the New England area and the “New England Team” will be at the hospital for the first week of the two-week scheduled mission.  Ken has recruited 4 volunteers from Pennsylvania that will be at the hospital for the two-week period of the mission.  We are also pleased to have two doctors from the NewOrleans/Mississippi (a husband/wife team)!

Look for future blogs introducing our team!


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