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Today is our last full day of surgeries at Lions Hospital. It’s another busy day that started very early with a packed case load. Energy is high and spirits are light and the team of volunteers work diligently to take care of patients.

We would like to extend our heart-felt gratitude to two special people, who have done so much to help us here in Mehsana. Kiran Patel and Tara Kramer (HERSHA Hospitality Trust, headquartered in Harrisburg, PA. ) have been instrumental with logistics. They organized ground transporation to and from airports, hotels, and the hospital for all of our volunteers, which in itself is a major undertaking. They tackled lodging and language challenges, coordinated meal options after the group became ill, obtained medicines for the group, and more! Always a smile on their faces, we are blessed to have them on our team. We feel secure having these two awesome ‘go to’ people that always make it happen.

No request for assistance is ever too small or too large. Thank you Kiran and Tara, we could not have completed this mission camp without your gracious hospitality and support!


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