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Wedesday was a hectic day with more C-sections taking priority for ORs. Operation Medical volunteers continue to care for patients and lend a hand to the local clinical staff. The total count for our procedures from Wednesday is not yet finalized however we’ll update our readers later.

Thursday afternoon, a small contingent from Op Med visited the Chitwan Medical College and received an informative tour. They were most impressed with how modern the facility is. The student body is on holiday, and the campus was very quiet, but when break is over and 1,000 people return, the campus will be very crowded.

This morning Dr. Bret Delone gave an hour talk to an audience of about 80 Chitwan Hospital staff about abdominal trauma and techniques of resuscitation including the latest highpoints in the advances in trauma that are useful in a third world setting. The audience was very receptive and attentive and engaged with some great questions.

Gynecology and Plastics are very busy this morning and preliminary sorting of supplies to donate to the hospital and return to the warehouse is underway. The heat continues to be oppressive making it nearly impossible to spend more than a few minutes outside. Most if the hospital has no air conditioning and we are very thankful for our little store room with a wall air conditioning.

Keep checking back. More updates to come.


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