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Unbeknownst to the team Annie Hume from the Gods Children of Haiti orphanage ran a radio campaign announcing the upcoming presence of Operation Medical at the Pierre Payen Hospital beginning October 23, 2017.  This morning when the team walked across the street to the Hospital, we were met by a sea of people!

Today at Clinic

Dr. Joe Cincotta, Dr. Scott Barnes, Carolyn Holencik, CRNA and Nancy Schaefer, RN ran clinic and saw over 60 patients with at least 15 patients that will be scheduled for surgery this week and at least 7 that will be scheduled for urological surgery by Dr. Butch Knight next week.

Today in the Operation Rooms

Today the surgeons performed six surgeries that included lumpectomies, a spleen removal, a hernia repair and a hydrocele.

Baby Watch!

Everyone is on baby watch for Watson and Nadia Joseph’s little.  Watson is an important person in our life, he is the minister at the house, is our driver and makes sure that we have everything that we need. We are hoping the baby is born this week.  STAY TUNED FOR THE BABY’S NAME!


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