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The Team
Dr. Scott Barnes, Physicican – Clinic
Dr. Lou Boxer, Anesthesiologist (Second Week)
Linda Brindle, RN – Operating Room
Dr. Morgan Callahan, Resident – Surgeon
Christi Catalano, CRNA
Dr. Joe Cincotta, Physician – Clinic
Dr. Phillip Eck, Anesthesiologist
Mirjam Evers, Photographer
Carmaine Garner, RN – Operating Room Head Nurse
Chip Goodhart, CRNA – Assistant Team Leader
Carolyn Holencik, CRNA – Triage Nurse
Mary Jensik, Ancellary
Dr. John Judson -Team Leader
Dr. Butch Knight, Urologist (Second Week)
Daniel Lynch – Surgical Tech
Dr. Kyle Packer – Surgeon
Dr. John Reidell – Surgeon
Patty Riedell, RN -Triage Nurse
Nancy Schaeffer -Triage Nurse
Jen Stoner, Pharmacist – Surgical Tech

Today the team spent eight hours cleaning, unpacking and organizing medical supplies and setting up two operating rooms  in anticipation of the weeks cases.  The rooms were in chaos when Operation Medical arrived at the hospital.  The team was a cohesive hardworking group that came together and made the impossible possible.

Our First Case
After lunch the team’s first case arrived at the hospital!  A man came with a spontaneous dislocation of the jaw and with some moderate sedation his jaw was put back in place.  He returned home two hours later.

Gods Children of Haiti

Several team members had the opportunity to visit the Gods Children of Haiti orphanage today.  The orphanage started 20 years ago by Ann Hume currently takes care of 18 children.  Most of these children have been abandoned by their patents and are disabled.


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