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The Chitwan Medical Hospital Surgical Camp officially kicked off this morning with a briefing for the team and welcome from Dr. Harish Chandra Neopane, Chairman and Professor of General Surgery and Arun Koirala, Administrative Manager as well as comments from Dr. Mukul Parikh, President of Operation Medical.

The 18-member volunteer team arrived in Bharatpur Sunday afternoon after gathering in Kathmandu on Saturday after the long journey. The evening was spent unpacking and organizing medical supplies at the hospital. The temperatures and humidity are very high and the group was all ready for an early night to shower up and get some rest.

Monday was spent screening patients and getting acclimated to the temperatures and the rules of Chitwan Hospital. As with any first-time visit, operations start slowly and we are looking to ramp up with the surgery cases starting on Tuesday morning. Dassara, the celebration of the victory of good over evil is in full swing and the people of Nepal celebrate this from the new moon to the full moon so many families have traveled to their home towns and it is quiet in the city.

Please check back for updates which will be posted as our story unfolds.


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