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Friday wraps up this year’s camp in Valsad with a case load of about 20. Pending final reconciliation of the week, the team performed 212 surgical cases, approximately 50 dental procedures and hundreds of breast cancer screenings.

It’s always an emotional afternoon as the remaining supplies are sorted and packed – some to stay for the next visit to India, some to stay at Kasturba and some that must be taken home with us. Dozens of hospital staff come to the OR area to snap photos and selfies, Facebook connections are made, hugs, smiles and some teary eyes. An official sendoff will occur at 3:00p this afternoon.

Team members will depart from this home away from home today and tomorrow. Some will continue to enjoy some R&R and others head straight back to their loved ones. It’s been a tremendous week of serving others and making new friends. The team worked very hard, learn a lot of lessons and formed lasting bonds of friendship.

A full trip report will be forthcoming in the next several weeks as well as additional images from the many photos taken. Until then, we extend our gratitude to all our readers who let us know they were with us by following and commenting on our Facebook page.

As always, it’s been my honor and privilege to share our journey with you.

Best Regards,



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