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Case Update:

Tuesday’s case load was 39 with a start time of 7:45am and last case finishing at 6:30pm. Additionally, the Dental Clinic cared for 21 patients.

Breast Services Update:

On this, day three of the mammography camp, more women accompanied by their families came to Kasturba for screening, diagnosis, biopsies and discussion with Dr. Nitin Tanna. Patients traveled from all over the area and one local organization plans to send 100 women to screen in the coming days. These patient women are waiting all day to be seen or have procedures performed. Women whose biopsies reveal malignancies schedule immediately for surgery with Dr. Barton.

In addition to its direct benefit for patients, this week’s mammography work represents a tremendous learning experience for local clinicians. Dr. Tanna is coaching a local radiologist, Dr. Hetal Petal, on improved ultrasound and biopsy techniques as well as correlative analysis of mammography and ultrasound. Dr. Patel performed an ultrasound-guided vacuum-assisted core biopsy under the direct supervision of Drs. Barton and Tanna. In addition, Kasturba Hospital pathologists are also heavily engaged in the breast interventions.

Personnel Spotlight: OpMed’s Amazing PACU Nurses

Operation Medical is abundantly thankful for the dedication of the entire Valsad mission team, and would like to recognize the tireless efforts of our PACU nurses, Bonnie Peffer and Sara Bayless. Most this week’s surgery patients transfer to Kasturba Hospital’s post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) following their procedures. The PACU nurses then monitor patients’ vital signs, pain, and other conditions as needed until they are ready to be moved to their hospital rooms.

These ladies have no control over the number of patients or the timing of their arrivals. As soon as a case is complete, local staff transport the patient to PACU, where OpMed volunteers continue to amaze with their ability to continue caring for patients amidst conflicting or vague patient orders, multiple family members crowding the patient room (in the US, there are no visitors in PACU), and multiple conversations in Gujarati going on in each room. This year the PACU is on a separate floor from the OR, so Bonnie and Sarah are using walkie-talkies to communicate basic data on incoming patients back to the OR when first-floor staff are unable to examine their charts before their transfers. The transport staff is fast to move at this hospital.

Thank you for following the journey and please check back soon.

Bonnie Peffer and Sara Bayless – PACU
Bonnie and Sara attending to patient
Family of Patient – PACU
A common sight outside the ward
Family Members in Room – PACU


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