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Day two of the mission proved to be another very productive day for the team with 36 cases completed. Dr. Parul Krishnamurthy arrived in the early morning hours from the U.S. doubling the ability to perform gynecological cases. Additionally, our team dentist, Dr. Dineshkumar Bhavsar, is seeing 20 – 25 dental cases a day and performing examinations, cavity repair, extractions and other dental procedures.

Feature Story: Breast Cancer Services Offered by Operation Medical in Valsad Camp

This camp marks the first-time Operation Medical has conducted a mammography camp, breast cancer screening and diagnosis and patient and staff education program. The first ever ultrasound guided vacuum assisted core biopsy in Valsad was performed by Drs. Nitin Tanna and Katherine Barton today.

So far for each day of the camp, about 15 patients have been seen, had mammography and sonography as needed of the breasts. The patients were advised of their mammographic findings, issued reports and had opportunity to ask any questions for Dr. Tanna. Patients ranged from those with normal findings to those with high risk for breast cancer to those with recurrent and new diagnosis of breast cancer and several patients with benign breast disease findings. One patient had chronic abscess of the left breast which was evaluated by Dr. Tanna in the mammography camp and subsequently drained by Drs. Tanna and Barton in the operating room. Several patients had surgical excisions of fibroadenomas by Dr. Tanna and Barton.

Dr. Tanna will spend considerable time during the week educating the staff and on site radiologist about mammography technique, position, image quality and the importance and guidelines related to breast cancer screening as adopted in the US. Teaching the staff on proper breast ultrasound techniques and correlating with mammography is also being conducted.

One patient had a highly suspicious mammographic and sonographic abnormality in the left breast. Ultrasound guided vacuum assisted 12-gauge core biopsy was performed for the first time in the radiology department. Staff, radiologist and pathologists were in attendance to observe and learn these techniques. All patients who had interventions in the radiology department were seen 1-2 days after the procedures to discuss the findings and further recommendations.

Everything is going well at the mission. Operation Medical Volunteer are working hard and staying healthy. Our reader’s continued support by following us on our website and Facebook is much appreciated.


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