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Blog 7:

On Friday, the team completed 10 cases. A young girl came in right as we were finishing up in the morning, and several members of our team stayed behind to perform an appendectomy. After making the incision, they found that the appendix had burst, and that the surgery was critical. They were glad that they were able to stay and help the girl, because there were no other surgeons available. We visited a local temple in the afternoon. We drove for several hours on beautiful back roads, stopping for coffee and treats before heading to the Khajuraho Temples. We took a tour and attended a light show later in the evening. The architecture was gorgeous, and there was such a long and rich history behind the temples. Afterwards, we went to dinner at a tree house. It was a beautiful, wooden restaurant where we could sit cross-legged in front of a campfire and eat. The food was delicious, and the owners gifted us with religious books written in Hindi. All of the local people have been so generous, and we are so grateful for the kindness with which we have been treated.

Blog 8:

We woke up early this morning to drive through the Tiger Reserve in Panna. The King of Panna, a descendant of the former royal family’s, founded the park several decades ago and led us through the park himself. Unfortunately, we didn’t spot any tigers, but the forest was beautiful, and we saw many deer and peacocks and monkeys, and some wild hogs and jackals. We travelled to the local temple complex for a farewell ceremony. The temple was so colorful, and the ceremony was moving. We were presented with tribal art, shawls, and snacks popular in the region. The speeches were heartfelt, and you could sense the overwhelming gratitude in the room, even from those who were unable to express it in English. We headed back to the hotel, packed our things, and went to the airport. Nine of us arrived in New Dehli this evening, with a new group replacing us today. Several participants are stuck in the states because of the snow, but we are hopeful they will arrive soon.


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