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We cannot say enough about the efficiency of the Kasturba OR team!  The

staff moves with choreographed precision not to be challenged.  Patients are whisked from the OR to the PACU and the next case is on the table and ready for the next procedure.  Op Med volunteers along with our local colleagues performed 42 cases on Monday.

During our mission we will serve not only the patient population, but the staff.  The hospital is committed to learn and improve. It is gratifying to be able to educate staff on various competencies such as improving the local practices of sterile technique. Their willingness to learn is addictive, and despite the frenetic pace at which we work, operate, and turn the rooms over they are learning new skills.  By the close of day Monday, the simple process of putting on sterile gloves proceeded from not really passable to a solid acceptable.

Tuesday’s case list schedule has 62 names on it.  Check back tomorrow and see how we do.

Scott Slocum, CRNP
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