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Similar holiday or wedding preparations / a mission trip can take months to come together.
The Operation Medical warehouse in Harrisburg (Central Pennsylvania) is where a great deal of mission trip preparation occurs. This is where Operation Medical volunteers work diligently to assess the medical supplies / medications needs of all of missions. Lead by a Warehouse Committee Co-Chairs, Rise’ Enoch and Suzanne Miller, they careful select items and pack bags for several months months prior to each trip. All volunteers from Central PA are required to carry a bag with them to the mission location. In addition to supplies from our warehouse, volunteers coming from other parts of the country / world also bring needed supplies.
The supplies for this year’s 2020 Khambhat camp consisted of 10 bags transported by volunteers out of Harrisburg as well as 15 bags/boxes that were inventoried and left in India during our mission last January in anticipation of the 2020 mission in Khambhat. Combined, the bags weighted in around 800 pounds. Yesterday, after a long journey, the team unpacked and organized our temporary supply room in about 2 ½ hours — no small feat!
After the work of the day was complete, the team traveled 45 minutes back to our guest house to shower up and eat dinner. Weary eyed and well feed, they retired for a 5:30am wakeup call and return to the hospital for a first day of cases.
Please check back often this week and on Instagram for updates of our Mission Khambhat – 2020.

Organizing the the Storeroom
Cambay General Hospital


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