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Today, the teams completed 19 cases! Several of the doctors have been making rounds, and they say that it’s quite a different experience from doing rounds back home. They were telling the rest of the group that the families of the patients follow them from bed to bed. It doesn’t matter what patient they’re taking care of – the families of the other patients stand around the bed, curious as to what’s going on with the other people in the room. After documenting the last case, I walked through the streets near the hospital with a small group. We entered a sweets shop, and were given delicious treats to try. We saw more cows, and passed many small shops. The roads, made of dirt, were still muddy in places from the rain. It was good to see the area around the hospital and to see some of the local businesses. Dr. Krishnanurthy, who joined the group yesterday, has been quite busy with the GYN cases. Dr. Alsedi is leaving us tomorrow, and will be greatly missed. The team has been doing a lot of organizing in preparation for the arrival of the next team this weekend.

We thought the readers would enjoy a few scenes from the town.


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