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The India Team has been diligently packing medical supplies needed for the surgical camp team who begins its journey to Kasturba Hospital in Valsad, this week. The Mission will take place from January 19, 2017 through January 27, 2017.

Packing supplies for a surgical camp involves the efforts of the entire surgical team. At Operation Medical’s warehouse in Harrisburg, PA, volunteers meet several times a month throughout the year to gather and sort supplies needed for a surgical camp. From September through January 2017, the volunteers meet more frequently to insure supplies would be gathered, inventoried, and ready for transit by the team in January. Theses tireless warriors have insured that approximately 19 large suitcases, filled with over 900 pounds of needed medical supplies and medications are ready for the camp.

The nature of supplies and medications packed for a surgical camp varies depending on the type of surgeries the team anticipates performing. This requires careful analysis of past trips as well as communication with the surgeons and team members and the local hospital at the site of the mission camp prior to packing. Each team member living in the South-Central PA area is assigned a bag from the warehouse and required to carry it with them to the camp. Members of the team who do not reside close to Harrisburg also gather supplies and bring a bag packed with needed items to the mission.

Oh, and might I mentioned, that the team left 78 categories of items totaling about 985 individual items in a safe storage area for our use at this year’s camp! That’s a lot of supplies!

All supplies are inventoried and accounting for and a detail list of contents is placed in each bag. Additionally, a master list is kept by at least 2 individuals for reference. These are invaluable during the unpacking and setting up the supply room once the team arrives at the mission camp hospital. Packing for a surgical camp is labor intensive, but is a labor of love.

The efforts of the team members and other volunteers are remarkable and it goes without saying these individuals are humbled for the gifts of love and hope they bring to these deserving individuals.

Operation Medical extends a deep gratitude for all the individuals who work so hard to help the team prepare to go in to the field and serve others. We would not be able to accomplish these camps without them.


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