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As this week draws to a close, I am honored to re-introduce the remaing two team members for the Valsad Mission. This time next week, 31 volunteers from all over the United States will be on a journey from their homes and families to Valsad, India in order to reach out with medical care for those who would otherwise go unserved. If not for the vision of the Dr.s Parikh, Operation Medical may not have happened.

We hope you will continue to follow the journey, come along with us, share us with your friends on FaceBook. Many more posts to come in the days ahead.


Dr.s Mukul and Neelima Parikh

Neelima and Mukul Parikh are Founding Members of Operation Medical, and Mukul is our current President. They have practiced anesthesiology since 1984 at West Shore Anesthesia and Riverside Anesthesia Associates respectively.

Since the 1980s, Neelima and Mukul have used their medical talents, as well as their spirit for philanthropy to take medical mission trips to parts of Africa, Haiti, India, the Philippines and Thailand. These trips are financed using personal vacation time as well as personal funds. Mukul and Neelima, conduct surgeries, help secure financial resources, medical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals, and inspire others to join in this life-changing work. The couple strives to complete two mission trips a year.

When not working, both Neelima and Mukul are very active with the Hindu American Religious Institute (HARI). Neelima served as the first female president of HARI and on its board of directors. Mukul has served as chair of the board of HARI, where he also taught Sunday school for 25 years and coordinated youth group activities for a decade.

Operation Medical continues to be blessed by the participation of this amazing couple!


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