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Hi, my name is Cheryl Peck. In just 39 short days, I will start a journey with 32 other volunteers as we make our way to Valsad, India. This is my forth surgical mission trip, having traveled to the Philippines two times and last year to Khambat, India. What a marvelous opportunity to make a difference in the world we live!

My participation as a volunteer falls under that “all other duties as assigned” category. I may find myself scrubbing instruments, organizing and dispensing supplies to the surgeons, running an errand, patient care or just comforting a crying child or his mother. Oh, yeah, the best part is that I am going to write to you every day to let you know how and what the team is doing.

Here is the list of our team –


1) Jose Misas – Gynecology Oncology. Pinnacle Health, Harrisburg, PA.

2) Ken Arthur – Plastic Surgeon, Lancaster General Health Physicians, Lancaster, PA

3) Adnan Alseidi – General/Hepatobiliary. Virginia Mason Clinic- Seattle, WA.

4) Bipin Patel – General/Colorectal Surgeon. Binghamton, NY.

5) Joel Dean – PGY 5 Surgery resident. Virginia Mason Clinic- Seattle, WA.

6) Parul Krishnamurthy– Gynecology, Pinnacle Health, Harrisburg, PA

7) Julie Sofer – Plastic Surgeon, Michigan

8) Andrew Shapiro — ENT/Pediatric ENT, Pinnacle Health/Holy Spirit, Harrisburg, PA

9) David Leber — Chief of Plastic Surgery, Pinnacle Health, Harrisburg, PA

10) Justin Rosenberger — General Surgeon, Pinnacle Health, Harrisburg, PA

11) Anuj Parikh — PGY 4 Surgery Resident, Pinnacle Health, Harrisburg, PA.


1) Neelima Parikh, MD – Holy Spirit hospital, Camphill, PA

2) Mukul Parikh, MD – Chairman, Anesthesia Department, Pinnacle Health, Harrisburg, PA.

3) Diana Davidson – CRNA, Holy Spirit, Camp Hill, PA

4) Lori Yakish – CRNA, Hershey, PA

5) Michelle Duell – CRNA, Baltimore, MD

6) William Motter, MD – Pinnacle Health, Harrisburg, PA

7) Sue Miller – CRNA, Pinnacle Health, Harrisburg, PA


1) Bansari Mandalia, RN – Holy Spirit, Camp Hill, PA

2) Barbara Mummert, RN – Holy Spirit, Camp Hill, PA

3) Sheri Matter, RN – Pinnacle Health, Harrisburg, PA

4) Carol Donahue, RN – Elizabethtown, PA

5) Bonnie Peffer, RN – Pinnacle Health, Harrisburg, PA

6) Melissa Natividad, RN- Holy Spirit, Camp Hill, PA

7) Sara Lemley, CRNP – Lancaster General Health Physicians, Lancaster, PA

8) Marybeth Connors, RN, Dupont, Wilmington, DE


1) Cheryl Peck, Lancaster, PA

2) Pratima Patel, Binghamton, NY

3) Mary Jensik, Mechanicsburg, PA

4) Binita Mandalia, Mechanicsburg, PA

5) Rise Enoch, Mechanicsburg, PA

6) Maryland Farretti, CampHill, PA

7) Suril Amin, East Pennsboro, PA

Please check out our Facebook page and our news on the website daily for updates. Over the next 33 days, I will be updating you all on the team members. Pass it on. Join us on the trip by staying in touch via the internet.

I’ll be talking to you soon!


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