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In October 2015, Operation Medical conducted its third surgical mission trip to Haiti.  The team returned to the Pierre Payen Hospital in Montrouis, Haiti.  The mission co-leaders were Dr. John Judson and Dr. Jeff Segil.

Mission Details and Participants

The medical/surgical mission was held at the Pierre Payen Hospital from October 25 to October 30, 2015.  During the mission the team performed 37 surgeries including emergency procedures, performed 60 sonogram studies and ran an OB/GYN clinic.

The 42 cases included:

Hydrocele Repairs                                                                   C-Section

Hernia Repairs                                                                         Circumcision

Lipoma Excisions/Removals                                                  Myomectomy

Hysterectomy                                                                           Hemorrhoidectomy

Cystocele Repair                                                                      Sebaceous Cyst Removal

Papilloma Excision                                                                   Stigmatism Repair and Eyelid Reconstruction

The 18 volunteers from Operation Medical included the following individuals:


Dr. John Judson – PA, Dr John Reidell – PA, Dr. Jeff Segil – NH


Ken (Chip) Goodhart, CRNA – PA, Kimberly Roderick, RN (CRNA Student)


Linda Brindle, RN – PA, Sarah Crouthers, RN – CA, Charmaine Garner, RN – PA, Jenna Mirabelle, RN – NH

Nurse Practitioner

Patricia Crouthers

Surgical Technologist

Chelsie Eugley – NH

Surgical Assistant

Suzanne Bergeron-Harris – NH


Tabitha Gagon, Sonographer – ME, Adam Kramer, Medical Student – NJ, Alix Segil, Student – MA, Geri Shettle, Sonographer – PA, Nikki Stocker – Lab Technician -PA, Jen Stoner, Pharmacist – PA


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