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Operation Medical is grateful for the opportunity to procure suture from Global Links this year which enabled our organization to perform over 200 surgical cases recently during the Valsad, India 2017 surgical mission camp.

In many resource-poor countries, hospitals often lack sutures – surgical stitching material – or they don’t have appropriate or good quality sutures. Without sutures, surgery is impossible. Without sutures, they die. With inappropriate sutures, wounds don’t heal well, infection sets in, and the patient can be worse off than before the surgery.

Since 1989, Global Links’ Suture Donation Program has been collecting surplus sterile sutures from hospitals across the United States and sending them to hospitals in resource-poor communities. The hospitals that receive sutures from Global Links have made a commitment to care for those unable to pay, and providing this costly material directly to them helps them continue to do so. To learn more about Global Links, please check their website at www.globallinks.org.

None of Operation Medical’s work would be possible without the generous donations of our sponsors and affiliated philanthropic organizations or our tireless volunteers. To see how you can become a part of providing Global Healthcare, please check our website at www.operationmedical.org


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