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Hailing from the West Coast, we are happy to have Dr. Adnan Alseidi join us once again and two new volunteers, Dr. Nicholas Gorham and Dr. Jessica Koller-Gorham.

Adnan Alseidi, MD

Dr. Adnan Alseidi is no stranger to mission work or Operation Medical. For the past many years, he has participated in at least one outreach every year and several with Operation Medical and we are delighted to have him join us once again. Dr. Alseidi is a HPB and Endocrine Surgeon at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle Washington. When not working, or traveling the globe helping others (he has three mission trips on his schedule for 2017), he enjoy deep-sea diving and is particularly fond of sea turtles. He also says, “I enjoy cooking almost as much as surgery.” Welcome back Adnan!!

Nicholas P. Gorham, MD and Jessica S. Koller-Gorham, MD

Husband and wife team, Nick Gorham and Jessica Koller-Gorham are joining the Operation Medical Team this January. Nick serves as an Emergency Medicine physician for the U.S. Army in Seattle and Jessica is a 5th year, Chief Surgery Resident at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle and works with Dr. Adnan Alseidi.

Both Nick and Jessica have a passion for global health and surgery and are hoping to spend time, both in the short and long-term on medical missions overseas in the years to come. They shared that they are joining the Op Med 2017 India mission to learn about the logistics for putting a mission trip together and make their dream a reality.

Jessica has been on several mission trips in the past with other groups to Nicaragua, Rwanda, Haiti and Peru. She is a past national ranked chess player, and now spends her free time running trails, riding bikes, playing soccer and snow skiing. Nick’s hobbies including cooked, especially Cajun foods. They are really excited to join Op Med for this journey and to meet and work with the team and we are excited to welcome them aboard!

Adnan Alseidi
Nick Gorham and Jessica Koller-Gorham


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