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We were so glad to get word from the team. They have had power issues as well as internet connectivity challenges. Well, as the saying goes, when it rains, it pours and 2 communications came through yesterday. Here is the first:

Last Monday was a typical busy day. Patients were lined up by 0800 to be seen, and due to the volume of patients, some were still waiting in the afternoon. The team saw over 50 patients and performed about 6 procedures.

A laundry list of medical needs presented such as Eclampsia, the onset of seizures in a woman with high blood pressure during pregnancy, Stevens-Johnson syndrome which is a life-threatening skin condition which causes the epidermis to separate from the dermis, fibroids, and a pelvic organ prolapse. Additionally, we treated a 9-month old male with Phimosis, a condition that prohibits the ability to retract the skin (foreskin) covering the head of the penis preventing urination (needed a Circumcision.) Lastly they cared for an unfortunate young mother with HIV and severe complications from genital warts that have left her permanently disfigured.

The team worked well together, turning over the OR rooms, getting patients in and out of exam rooms, and learning the hospital and the system. Not an easy task. Everyone worked well together doing tasks they might not have expected to help everyone work toward the goal.

The team continues to battle the challenges of defunct air conditioning, a broken autoclave and more. But they reporting being in their ‘groove’ and are running smoothly with two ORs in continuous use. They are grateful for the local staff that is lending helping hands!

Internet is sketchy along with long bouts of power outages. The team sadly reports they will not have photos for us until they return to the U.S.

Please keep the group in thoughts and prayers for continued esprit de corps, health and stamina and they care for the underserved in Haiti.


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