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October 23, 2014 of the Haiti mission started with myometconmies, removal of fibroids in women who desire fertility. The first patient was 41 years old but concerned about future children. This is not uncommon in this culture because it is hard to marry if you can’t produce children. In the first case the fibroid was pedunculated, that means sitting on a stalk, so just cutting the stalks typically solves the issue. The team also took out an ovarian cyst that turned out to be a dermoid. Dermoids are germ cell tumors, meaning they are from cells in the ovary that can turn into anything, teeth, jaw bones, hair are all common. In thisw case it was filled with hair and fat. The patient ws glad it was removed.

The second case was a little more challenging. The patient was a 28 year old with no children. She was terrified of losing her uterus. The team ended up removing 11 separate fibroids.

In the afternoon, there were more clinic patients and a hernia and hydrocele repair.

Tomorrow the team has another two hernia’s booked, as well as LEEPs and Dr. Segil has been asked by a local surgeon to remove ureteral stents in a post op patient.

Althought there is only one more surgical day, the team is winding down. With super high intensity, moments of exhaustion and fits of hysterical laughter, the roller coaster continues.


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