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We are combining these two days into one post due to technology challenges the last few days. Facebook access is blocked at the hospital and WiFi access/speed at our place of lodging is weak at best. Our team is healthy and working together “like a well-oiled machine”.  The staff at Rwanda Military Hospital has extended warm hospitality to the group and are working with our Operation Medical volunteers in the Operating Rooms as a cohesive team.

On Tuesday morning the Operation Medical Team was welcomed by the Commandant of the hospital and already asked if we could return again next year!

Patients have arrived from near and far to seek medical help.  There is a tremendous need for women’s health concerns and we are working diligently to see and help as many as we can.  Issues range from fistulas (patient story coming) to uterine prolapse, to C-section incisions from months gone by that will not close and are infected.

The regular gamut of hernias, hydroceles and hemorrhoids have presented for treatment as well as a very severe case of Condyloma Acuminerta (anal warts) on a 46-year old woman.  Other procedures thus far include thyroidectomies, burn scar contracture release and excision of various cancerous tumors.

Thursday morning, Dr. Bret Delone will present an in-service talk for the medical staff on the use of laparoscopy and the hospital has asked for feedback from our team on where they may want to make any changes or improvements in process and delivery of care.


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